Mental Colonization

They make you your own enemy and then you thank them.



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On the authority of Jafar bin Burqaan who said “I came to know that Salman al-Farsi used to say:

“Three things make me laugh and three things make me cry.

I laugh

  1. at the one who is hopeful of the world yet death seeks him;

  2. the one who is neglectful (of his Lord) while he is not neglected (by Him);

  3. the one who laughs at the top of his voice, while he does not know whether he is pleasing his Lord or displeasing Him.

Three things make me cry:

  1. parting from our beloved Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon hm) and his Companions;

  2. the terror of the onset of the pangs of death and

  3. the standing in front of the Lord of the Worlds while not knowing whether I will be turned towards the Fire orParadise“.